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TBTC is Available on CoinList


TBTC is now available on CoinList, a trading platform for cryptocurrency early adopters. tBTC, an open-source project of Keep, Summa and the Cross-Chain Group, lets people exchange BTC for TBTC, an ERC-20 token that can be used on DeFi platforms, at a rate of 1:1.

Each TBTC token is fully backed and matched by at least 1 BTC held in reserve. Users can convert TBTC to BTC, and vice-versa, with no intermediary needed to sign off.

Launched in September 2020, tBTC has undergone three audits, by ConsenSys, Trail of Bits, and Sergei Delgado. Via Nexus Mutual, tBTC includes protections of funds covering issues in Solidity on Ethereum.

Updates related to tBTC can be found on the Discord channel.