tBTC will launch on April 27th, 2020. Read more in Bloomberg.

The safe way to earn with your Bitcoin.

Deposit and redeem BTC in DeFi without intermediaries.

  1. Backed

    Every TBTC is backed 1:1 with BTC

  2. Permissionless

    No intermediaries - Redeem TBTC for BTC at any time

  3. Secure

    Audited and open-source

  4. Simple

    3 steps to convert from BTC to TBTC and back


Mainnet launch of tBTC announced for April 27th, 2020

tBTC, an open-source project supported by Keep, Summa, and the Cross Chain Group, will go live on Ethereum mainnet and become available for use.

Latest News

tBTC’s Reference dApp is Now Open-Source

The reference dApp for tBTC is now open-source! Anyone interested in integrating tBTC is welcome to fork and customize the dApp fit their…

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tBTC 101

tBTC is a sidechain designed to allow BTC holders a way to earn yield with their Bitcoin trustlessly, using decentralized finance (DeFi…

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Announcing tbtc.js

A new library, tbtc.js, is live on GitHub, representing the easiest, safest way to integrate Bitcoin in your Ethereum dApp. tbtc.js makes it…

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Integrate TBTC to add Bitcoin to your dApp

Build with tBTC

tBTC Technical System Overview

Learn about TDT receipts, multiple lot sizes, Keep's random beacon, and threshold signatures.


Individuals: How to Use the tBTC dApp

A step-by-step guide for using minting and redeeming TBTC.


Developers: How to Integrate tBTC into your DeFi dApp

Developers can integrate tBTC into dApps using publicly available resources and libraries. Any app that uses an ERC-20 token can integrate TBTC. This guide covers the resources and tools needed to integrate tBTC.