Get ready to stake ETH and become a tBTC signer! tBTC signing with only ETH starts July 8th! Stakedrop Announcement Here!

The safe way to earn with your Bitcoin.

Deposit and redeem BTC in DeFi without intermediaries.

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  1. Backed

    Every TBTC is backed 1:1 with BTC

  2. Permissionless

    No intermediaries - Redeem TBTC for BTC at any time

  3. Secure

    Audited and open-source

  4. Simple

    3 steps to convert from BTC to TBTC and back

tBTC Launch: Key Dates

tBTC will begin moving toward full mainnet launch over the coming weeks. Launch will occur over a series of milestones starting April 24th.
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Devenir un signataire tBTC : Stake ETH, earn KEEP

Le premier “stakedrop” Keep commencera le 8 juin. Nimporte qui possédant du ETH pourra gagner des jetons KEEP en devenant by un signataire…

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Integrate TBTC to add Bitcoin to your dApp

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