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TBTC Deposits Are Now Live on Kraken


TBTC can now be deposited on Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can deposit TBTC on Kraken, Kraken Pro, and OTC.

To deposit TBTC on Kraken, Navigate to “Funding” and select TBTC, which you can find by searching for “TBTC”. Click “Deposit” and follow the on-screen instructions. 30 confirmations are required before deposits credit -- roughly six minutes. There are four TBTC trading pairs on Kraken: TBTC/USD, TBTC/EUR, TBTC/XBT, TBTC/ETH.

Full details about TBTC on Kraken are available here.

tBTC, the decentralized solution for using bitcoin in Ethereum DeFi, is designed as a safe and permissionless bridge between BTC and ETH. The app lets people exchange BTC for the ERC-20 TBTC token, which can be used on DeFi platforms, at a rate of 1:1. tBTC is fully audited and insured.

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