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tBTC Custody Support Now Live on Gemini


Gemini, the global cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, has added custody support for tBTC. An open-source project by Keep, Summa, and the Cross-Chain Group, tBTC lets Bitcoin holders safely act on the Ethereum blockchain so they can earn using DeFi.

tBTC allows people to exchange BTC for TBTC, an ERC-20 token, at a rate of 1:1. Each TBTC token is fully backed and matched by at least 1 BTC held in reserve. tBTC is trustless, using a random beacon to select “signers” who have responsibility for the deposited BTC. TBTC can be converted to BTC, and vice-versa with no intermediary needed to sign off.

tBTC users can now access Gemini Custody to store and manage their TBTC tokens here.

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