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Become a tBTC Permissionless Signer: Stake ETH, Earn KEEP


The first Keep “stakedrop” will begin June 8th. Any ETH holder can earn fees by becoming a tBTC signer. Register here for the virtual event at 12pm EST to participate as a tBTC signer during the 6-month stakedrop, earning fees and gaining your permanent place as a signer.

The Keep network handles custodianship for tBTC. The network’s native asset, KEEP, is a work token that facilitates the operation of the system. Normally, tBTC signers need to stake both KEEP and ETH. The stakedrop allows people with no KEEP to act as signers using only their ETH, with the corresponding KEEP tokens earned over time.

The stakedrop is designed to let anyone who holds ETH act as a permissionless signer on tBTC and help bridge the world’s two leading blockchains while earning TBTC and KEEP for their participation. During the stakedrop, any ETH holder can run a Keep node, and collect fees on their ETH.

The stakedrop will last for approximately 6 months, until all of the KEEP tokens allocated to the drop are exhausted. After that point, all stakers will be required to stake KEEP to continue to act as signers. Read more about the stakedrop and becoming a signer from Keep.

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