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Announcing tbtc.js


A new library, tbtc.js, is live on GitHub, representing the easiest, safest way to integrate Bitcoin in your Ethereum dApp.

tbtc.js makes it easy for developers to directly integrate Bitcoin into their dApps. That means products like Compound, dydx, and Aave can build seamless experiences for Bitcoin holders to get involved in the DeFi ecosystem.

The library takes the pain out of building a cross-chain dApp, interacting with the Bitcoin network through an Electrum client and Ethereum through a standard Web3 provider.

With tbtc.js, you can

-> Accept Bitcoin deposits in your dApp

-> Mint TBTC

-> Transfer and trade TBTC as you would any other ERC-20 token

-> Redeem users' TBTC for Bitcoin

... all without taking custody or changing your tech stack.

Take the library for a spin on GitHub!