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Developer Toolkit: How to Integrate tBTC into your DeFi dApp


tBTC is the easy way to add Bitcoin to your dapp, making it accessible to BTC holders and unlocking user growth. By integrating TBTC, developers of DeFi dapps on Ethereum can let BTC holders earn interest or take out loans without having to trust centralized services.

tBTC is an open-source project with many contributors. Developers can integrate TBTC into their dapps using publicly available resources and libraries. Any app that uses an ERC-20 token can integrate TBTC.

Developers will need to be familiar with Solidity and with ERC-20 tokens generally.

The following resources contain the tools needed to integrate TBTC, as well as a brief guide:

Developers are already building on tBTC using the tools above. Our recent hackathon at ETHDenver produced several excellent applications that may provide inspiration.

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The following additional resources are also available:

  • Join the tBTC mailing list (for updates including information about tBTC's upcoming launch on Ethereum mainnet)
  • tBTC's GitHub
  • The technical spec

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